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BufferZone is the only security software that creates a separate environment allowing you unlimited freedom to enjoy all Internet activities without the fear of external threats. With BufferZone Pro, you can finally surf anywhere, download anything, open email attachments, share and chat with your friends and e-bank with peace of mind. BufferZone Pro complements and enhances your existing security suite providing an added layer of protection against the risks of the Web and external media devices as reinforcement for weaknesses in your PC security software. BufferZone Virtualization technology contains Internet applications, websites and files from external media/storage inside a separated environment called the "Virtual Zone," displayed as a red border around your screen. All potentially threatening programs and files are virtualized and remain isolated from your personal files and your PC's operating system "buffering" you from attacks. BufferZone Pro keeps you surfing, downloading, e-banking, chatting, & e-mailing to your heart's content - basically, using the Internet as it should be used - inside the Virtual Zone with total freedom, peace and security. With BufferZone Pro, your Web experience is virtual and safe allowing you to do absolutely anything on the Internet threat free. BufferZone Pro is so user friendly, there's really not anything to use. Once you've installed and have begun to enjoy the benefits of BufferZone, you can sit back and relax knowing that BufferZone is totally automated and working hard to guarantee your security. You can simply forget it's even there and you will always be protected from threats to your PC and private files.

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